FAC plans response to police attack

Published on Monday 18th March, 2013 by Celtic Trust

Fans against Criminalisation met tonight and together with a number of specially invited individuals with helpful expertise and experience, we discussed the events of Saturday.  We discussed how the horrific scenes on Saturday represent a ratcheting up of the assault on the civil liberties (and the bodies) of Celtic fans which we have witnessed over the past two years - both in the run up to the Act and since the Act was passed.  We agreed a number of events and activities which would take place over the coming months - some of them in the coming weeks.  The campaign recommitted itself to the fight against this legislation and to the defence of our community, particularly our young people.

Anyone who wants to get involved in setting up these events should get in touch with FAC or with any of the main Celtic supporters' organisations as soon as possible;  those of you who want to show your support on the day please watch all the usual spaces!


Dangerous criminal?

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1 comment
jinky44 says:
2013-03-19 00:22:25

If that wee Bhoy didnt hate the polis before he will now!!! 2 ton horse ready to smash him against the wall. Disgraceful!!


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