Evidence Gathering session: How it will Work

Published on Wednesday 20th March, 2013 by Celtic Trust

Saturday 23 March: 12-2 evidence gathering session:  The Ward Room, St Mary's Church, Abercromby Street, Glasgow 12-2

FAC is planning to compile our own evidence book on the events of Saturday 16 March 2013.  We believe that this was such a significant event and represented a wholesale assault on Celtic supporters and their rights to peacefully demonstrate against the Offensive Behaviour Act. 

We are asking all those who were present on Saturday to come and give a witness statement which will be compiled into a full report to be used at a later date.  These statements will allow us to respond to Strathclyde Police’s defence of their actions without revealing names or contact details of the witnesses. There will also be an opportunity for people to provide this information online. We call on those who were directly affected to make a formal complaint to Strathclyde Police but we recognise that many people won’t feel able to. We will support and assist those who do make a complaint while taking evidence ourselves from those who don’t wish to.

There will be a number of FAC representatives in the Ward Room, who will take your statement and your details.  Your details will not be revealed to anyone without your permission and the content of your statement will be anonymised in any subsequent report.

Please do not be concerned about coming along to speak to us -  you are doing nothing wrong by doing so and if we see any evidence of unusual police activity around the area we will make a formal complaint ourselves and enlist the local MP and MSP to assist us.  However, if you are unable, for any reason to come along on the day then there will be further opportunities to give this information in person or online. 

It is vitally important that you give us the details while they are fresh in your mind.  Strathclyde Police are coming out fighting in defence of their action and we must respond with properly-recorded first-hand accounts.

Don't let them off the hook by your silence!



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