Urgent appeal for witnesses

Published on Saturday 23rd March, 2013 by Celtic Trust

Please get in touch if you saw any arrests

Some of those arrested and charged last Saturday (160313) are looking for witnesses to their arrest and the events leading up to it.  You may have watched people being arrested or you may have videoed or photographed arrests, and the event preceding them.  We may be able over the next week or so to give some details of arrests so that people will know if they witnessed them but in the meantime just indicating that you saw any arrests will be helpful. 

There are a couple of people we would also like to speak to so if you recognise yourself from the following can you email the Trust on celtictrust@hotmail.com please and leave a phone number so that we can call you.


  1. Are you the blonde woman (pony-tail, pink jumper, black trousers) who is standing beside a white car (it may have been your own car because you don't seem to have a coat on) which is parked close to the wall in the car park off the Gallowgate where the kettling took place? You are videoing events with your phone and you are seen on a number of videos posted online last week.
  2. Are you the man who was in the company of a small child (3 or 4) who was threatened by police officers with having social workers called to take your child away? 









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