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Published on Wednesday 10th April, 2013 by Celtic Trust

Chic Brodie SNP is a bit miffed

I understand from one of his constituents that Mr Chic Brodie, SNP Regional List MSP for South Scotland is a wee bit miffed at getting emails from his constituents regarding the police action in the Gallowgate (Gallowgate-gate!).

Poor wee Chic replies:

Thank you for this Can you go back to the person(s) who drafted the original message, 25 exact copies of which I have received from decent supporters like yourself and tell them to have the courage to put their own names to the message instead of hiding behind decent supporters like yourself The gathering was unauthorised and should have been Why didn't they arrange that instead of putting you in the position of complaining?

Someone not clear on the concept, do you think?  Well Chic, if you think the police are within their rights to police an 'unauthorised' but entirely peaceful demonstration with truncheons, dogs and horses and kettling techniques then we think the good citizens of South Scotland should be told.

We also think the 28 emails you have already received is not enough to get the message across.  For those of you in South Scotland, or elsewhere, who agree with us here is Chico's email.....sorry Chic's email address:


Happy emailing!



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Kizzie says:
2013-04-19 04:44:39

Honest to God that's unbelievable, and it is people like this individual who have 'Power'. I despair.

shoulder 2 shoulder says:
2013-04-11 14:21:07

This just shows what kind of guy chico is,so Jus sent him an email tae cheer him up ,absolute reprobate this guy ,we've got to keep the pressure up on these (people) and "stand behind the men behind the banners and stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Celtic fan,Big shout out to all the "banned bhoys" hope to see u all bk in Paradise soon ,Keep the Faith


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