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Published on Tuesday 16th April, 2013 by Celtic Trust

Unity is strength

a united Celtic support..a mighty thing to behold!

In his address to the FAC Rally in George Square on 6th April 2013, FAC stalwart, Chris McCann was speaking of the lobby of the Scottish Parliament which FAC organised on the day the Offensive Behaviour Bill was forced through on the back of an 8-vote government majority.  In the speech, he uttered a classic line:  'we went to Parliament armed only with a just cause and a bag of t-shirts'.  Over the past 9 days armed only with a just cause and access to Twitter, FAC have organised an email campaign which has resulted in over 10,000 emails being sent to MSPs asking them to support an inquiry into the policing of the Green Brigade corteo on Saturday 16th March 2013. 

Following the massively successful Rally in George Square and the equally successful evidence-gathering session two weeks previously, the email campaign is the latest initiative in our relentless battle against this illiberal Act and also againt the highly politicised and unnecessarily harsh policing regime which underpins it.

The message is clear.  The combined force of a united Celtic support is a mighty thing to behold.  Celtic supporters have led the campaign against this Act but we would welcome the support of any fan, or any democrat, any trades union or just anyone who sees the madness of the thinking behind this legislation.

In the past few weeks we have seen demonstrations against Trident (1000 people), demonstrations against the bedroom tax (2500) and our demonstration against this Act (3000-4000).  The Government supports the first two (and rightly so in the eyes of many people) but they want to turn a blind eye to the opposition to this flawed and unnecessary Act.  Well, they do so at their peril:  there are SNP MSPs in Glasgow alone with very slim majorities and they must be feeling the hot breath of this campaign on their collars.

There are still more events to come and details of them will be finalised and publicised soon.  Keep up the pressure and we will win this fight!



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