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Published on Tuesday 16th April, 2013 by Celtic Trust

Details for the protest at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Transport arrangements

Transport has been organised for those who want to take part in the protest at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 23rd April 2013. 

A bus will leave from George Square at 9 am that day and will return shortly after 1pm.  The protest will take place partly outside and then we will be invited inside by opposition MSPs who are opposed to the Act, for some discussions.

We intend to present a report based on witness statements from people who were present in the Gallowgate on 16th of March.

If you wish to travel with us on the day could you please email FAC at fansagainstcriminalisation@gmail.com by Friday of this week.  Also, if you are from other parts of the country and intend to make your own way to Edinburgh, could you let us know so that we can have a reasonable idea of how many are intending to take part in the protest.

Please circulate these details as widely as possible.

Unity is strength!




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1 comment
Kizzie says:
2013-04-19 04:59:28

Good Luck !!! Will be thinking on all of you. Very proud of what is being achieved when we stand United. I find it very interesting that certain members of Society, and the Establishment, are so quick to label those of us who are making a stand against the INJUSTICE which took place against The Green Brigade, and other Supporters by being 'Kettled', are being labelled as 'Trouble makers', and not respecting 'The Law' (respect is a two-way street, and those who put on that Uniform, have to EARN the respect of the Public, which they take an Oath to Serve and Protect, by CONSENT of the People, and not behave in an intimidating, nor bullying manner, which is an Abuse of Power). My response to that is, many years ago, The Suffragettes, were labelled as 'Trouble Makers', and disrespecting Society, yet, where would women be today, without the brave actions of The Suffragettes? Women certainly wouldn't have the vote. 'Kettling' is barbaric, whether it is by The Met Police against Students, or by the then Strathclyde Police against Football Supporters. 'Kettling' brings our Society one step closer to a Police State. Society's Civil Liberties ARE being eroded.


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