Celtic Board listens to the fans

Published on Wednesday 24th April, 2013 by Celtic Trust


The Celtic Trust warmly welcomes the news released by Celtic FC yesterday that full price Season Tickets are to be £100 cheaper this season, while Senior Citizens and students will get a £50 reduction. We are pleased that the Club have recognised, in this way, the economic difficulties currently being experienced by many fans as well as the change in league circumstances and although  the phrase ‘one-off’ has been used we hope that there is an intention to charge realistic prices in future years 

The Celtic Trust would like to reassure our members that ticket prices has been a standing item on the agenda for every meeting we have had with the Chief Executive for the past few years and we have always represented supporters’ concerns robustly.  In our first meeting of this season we made it clear that we thought a fundamental restructuring of season ticket prices was necessary which would reflect the financial reality for most people and the value for money which a season ticket represents.  We also argued strongly for the reintroduction of the £50 U13 ticket.   At our last meeting of 12th March 2013 there was considerable discussion and, on this occasion, we put particular emphasis on the issue of the U13 ticket and on the value of season books as opposed to buying tickets individually for games.

We are pleased that, in this initiative, the Club has responded to these points.



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