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Published on Monday 29th April, 2013 by Celtic Trust

Exploring the options for financing

We were all delighted and very appreciative of the announcement from Celtic this week regarding the pricing structure for next season. Each and every one of our new and existing season ticket holders are going to benefit from reduced ticket pricing.

However, for some it is still a major cash outlay and in these recessionary times whilst saving money is wonderful, having it to save is not always easy. Celtic have for some time now allowed season tickets to be paid in instalments and have even signed a commercial deal with a finance company that allows them to offer a number of payment plans, at commercial rates.

That this arrives along with your renewal notices gives that company an advantage and also makes it simple to sign and post the renewal quickly. I wonder how many of those who make use of this facility have considered other options. I also wonder how many of those who don’t qualify for finance through the terms and conditions on offer realise that there are other options open to them.

We at the Celtic Trust have been exploring alternative and innovative ways that could allow our supporters to afford their season tickets. One of the best and most accessible of these options is probably on your doorstep in the shape of your local Credit Union. These local “banks” or savings clubs offer services to everyone in their community. They can offer low cost loans and make savings possible for even low income families or individuals that the banks and finance companies are not interested in doing business with.

We have had lengthy discussions with one of the Credit Unions in Glasgow and have been encouraged by what they appear to be able to offer. We in the Celtic Trust had hoped to be in the position to form a partnership with a Credit Union but the logistics and rules regarding eligibility and membership have so far proven too difficult to do so. This has not in any way detracted from our belief that the Credit Unions are an opportunity for our supporters to access savings and loans that can help them afford their season tickets and/or other items.

There will be a Credit Union in your area. Go along and speak to them, it will cost you nothing but it could benefit you now and in the future.



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