Embarrassing expensive shambles for Government

Published on Friday 14th June, 2013 by Celtic Trust

Repeal the Act now - save yourselves more shame!

The long-awaited and much heralded statistics for the first full year of operation of the Offensive Behaviour at Football: Threatening Communication Act 2012 were launched today by the Community Safety Minister Roseanna Cunningham and the Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland in a special 'technical briefing' for journalists.  Despite lots of mutterings in the weeks leading up to their release about how these statistics would show that the Act is working, it transpires that......they don't!

 What they do show is that literally millions of pounds have been spent on this flagship piece of legislation, much of it in the form of non-core funding for the Police Service of Scotland and their fearless band of professional offended-people, the Football Coordination Unit Scotland to no effect whatsoever.  Well unless what you wanted to achieve was the following:

  •  severely aggravating a group of young people (most of whom will be voting next year) and most of whom are not engaged in criminality and who had no previous engagement with the justice system
  • annoying the life out of many thousands of perfectly respectable citizens going about their lawful business by intrusive searches  of persons (with no respect for age: young or old) and supporters' buses; shoving cameras in their faces in a way that would not be tolerated in any other area of public life; collecting details about them unlawfully; approaching them in a variety of circumstances away from football in a threatening and sinister way.
  • introducing to Scotland a form of political policing
  • using the office of Lord Advocate to defend indefensible policies

All of this has happened under the cover of dealing with sectarianism and while trade unions, civil liberties groups and the left generally turn a blind eye....well, sure it is just football fans and we all know what they are like.   Well you better wake up people because it might not have bothered you that young working-class people are being criminalised in a blatant abuse of their civil rights, but it is actually costing you quite a lot of money and there are no more arrests in total under the old and new laws this year then there were under the new law this year - hardly worth it eh?


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1 comment
tccokey5 says:
2013-06-18 20:05:21

It,s viewed in many quarters as a device to attempt to intimidate the working people of the country....mostly Celtic fans,It is NOT going to work.


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