Axe the Act Campaign Statement

Published on Sunday 13th October, 2013 by Celtic Trust

The fight goes on!

Thursday 10th October 2013 saw the voters of Glasgow Ward 5 – Govan take to the polls to cast their vote in the local by-election. It also marked the end of weeks of campaigning by Thomas Rannachan supported by Fans Against Criminalisation all under the banner of Axe the Act, in reference to the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act.

Firstly, we wish to thank all of our supporters for all the time, effort and hard work they put into the campaign. The backing we had was indicative of how many football fans and more, feel against this illiberal law and attack on our civil liberties. We have given a good account of ourselves and proven to the Scottish Government that we will not sit idly by and tolerate this criminalisation of football fans.

Labour won the vacant seat which now leaves Nicola Sturgeon without any councillors in her own ward. We have shown that we can and will take support away from her party until such times as theytake positive action over the Act. It has been a learning curve for us along the way and we can be proud of what we achieved. During campaigning and on polling day, many of us successfully persuaded voters to cast a preference for Axe the Act, showing that our reasoned arguments make sense.

We acknowledge and appreciate that many voters, whilst supportive felt they still had to cast a vote for a main party, given that we are a single issue and they had other concerns which they feel need addressing. We take encouragement from this, that voters across the spectrum are aware of and feel strongly against the Act. It shows, as we have always said, that this issue affects people from all over and not just football fans and it is great they share our concerns. This is something we can definitely work with going forward.

Today is a very important day, perhaps the most important to date, as we move on and continue to fight against the Act. It doesn’t end now that the election is over with and decided. It is just the beginning…

Thomas Rannachan – Axe The Act


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