Justice for the Amsterdam Bhoys!

Published on Friday 22nd November, 2013 by Celtic Trust

A Disgraceful Verdict

There are miscarriages of justice and there is the verdict of the Amsterdam Judge!

What kind of justice system does not allow the defence lawyer to question witnesses, openly condones, no endorses excessive police violence, and then gives the perpetrators of that violence bonuses for carrying it out? A kangaroo court in an oppressive dictatorship? No  this is Holland, a modern Europe democracy which prides itself in its tolerant attitude. It is even the home of the International Court of Justice for goodness sake!

Some of the pronouncements of the Judge beggar belief,

“The ‘suspects’ should have run away when the violence started.”  A wee bit difficult if you are set upon by six unidentified men beating lumps out of you!

“Maybe they did not realise they were police” Eh! the whole point. So they had no right to defend themselves they had to allow themselves to be beaten up by thugs?

The one bright spot in all this is that the lads are being allowed to come home pending the appeal which they will all make.

Since that awful night in Amsterdam the support for those involved had been wonderful and it is much appreciated by them and their families.

Donations have been pouring in to the Legal Defence Fund which has been set up. In addition to the human and personal cost of all of this, there has also been great financial cost in the travelling to Holland not to mention legal fees which as everyone knows are huge.

So, there will be a bucket collection at Celtic Park tomorrow prior to the game. Please give as generously as you can. If you prefer you can donate directly to the Legal Defence Fund Bank Account

Account Name:  FAC Legal Defence Fund

Sort Code:  83-21-27

Account Number:  11119109

or through Paypal to the Trust or any other FAC organisation.

The GB will produce a banner and as always I am sure it will hit the spot, but another suggestion is anyone who is talented in that direction brings their own banner in support.

We Celtic supporters have an anthem which we love and which proclaims “You’ll never walk alone”.  Let’s put that into practice and as someone said to me just last night “it’s not enough to stand behind these bhoys, we must walk with them”

Justice for the Amsterdam Bhoys!





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