FAC Statement

Published on Tuesday 10th December, 2013 by Celtic Trust

FAC Statement



 Fans Against Criminalisation have noted the statement released by Celtic yesterday and the media coverage of the events of Friday night at Fir Park.  All of the organisations associated with this campaign (Celtic Supporters' Association, Celtic Trust, Green Brigade, Affiliation of Registered CSCs and Association of Irish CSCs) condemn wanton acts of vandalism and have no objection to those responsible, if identified and after a fair and transparent investigation, being suitably disciplined.  There are stadium regulations and laws which deal with such actions and our campaign is not against those laws.  We wish to make it clear that what happened on Friday has absolutely nothing to do with our campaign against the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act which is a campaign against the criminalisation of free speech and political expression.  We note attempts by the media to conflate the issues of vandalism with legitimate protest and we are confident that fair-minded people will see that for what it is.


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