Message of Goodwill to the people of Amsterdam

Published on Tuesday 24th December, 2013 by Celtic Trust

To all of you who have not seen these pictures, here is a special Pole of Justice Christmas message to the good people of Amsterdam, courtesy of resident Tim @carljunglebhoy.



The message reads:



On 6 November 2013, here on the Dam, an undercover cop (aka ‘Romeo’) was caught on camera brutally attacking a defenceless Celtic fan, surrounded by 6 other “hooligans” in plain clothes. After a sham of a trial on 21 November, the cop was awarded 500 Euro damages for injuries he claims were inflicted on him. The Celtic fan got 2 months in prison, based on no other evidence than dubious and unchallenged police statements. An appeal is now pending.

However, this brave pole single-handedly meted out her own form of poetic justice, by refusing to budge when that same “Romeo” - fleeing fans seeking revenge – ran straight into a “Glasgow Kiss” from our own brave “Juliet”.

In celebration of that singular act of bravery - so far, the only indication that the concepts of justice and “innocent until proven guilty” exist in Holland, we feel that this pole deserves a special place in our thoughts this Christmas.

We would also like to ask the people of Amsterdam to consider if recent statements made by Burgemeester V/D Laan defining police action as “appropriate”  - effectively laying the entire blame on Celtic fans - are fair and just, or if he’s merely trying to deflect attention away from a string of tactical & organisational blunders by the Amsterdam authorities and the police forces under their control?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We trust that - unlike the shameful acts of the authorities and legal systems representing you – the people of Holland are both fair and just and will lend their support to our campaign for justice - #DAMJUSTICE – for ALL 5 of the Celtic fans facing prison sentences for unproven “violent crimes” against these brutal undercover police.

On behalf of all Celtic fans, may we wish you all ….

A Peaceful Christmas and a Happy (& just) 2014.


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