To stand or not to stand?

Published on Wednesday 10th June, 2015 by Celtic Trust

Good News re the introduction of Safe Standing aka Rail Seating.

The Celtic Trust was delighted to hear today that, at long last Celtic had been given the go-ahead to introduce an area in which supporters can stand safely during domestic matches.We congratulate the Club on persisting with this initiative despite the many obstacles put in its way during the negotiations.

The proposed system also called Rail seating will comply with UEFA regulations which require all spectators to be seated for European games as it incorporates a seat which can be used during those matches.

This initiative was originally proposed by the Trust way back in 2010 when following a meeting at Celtic Park, during which Police raised objections to sections of the Celtic support standing during matches, our then chairperson, Jeanette Findlay, suggested that a feasibility study be carried out on the possibility of re- introducing a standing section at Celtic Park. At the Celtic AGM of 2011 the Trust tabled a resolution on the issue but we were happy to withdraw it as the Club had in fact done a lot of work on the issue and stated that they intended to press ahead with seeking the relevant agreements to allow implementation.

It has taken from then until now to achieve this due to many objections and stalling tactics mainly from the police.  It is to Celtic’s great credit that they refused to be deterred and continued to press their case. To aid them in this they engaged the services of Dr Steve Frostick an acknowledged expert in the area of public safety. He has worked in Germany where many Clubs have installed the same system proposed for Celtic Park and where fans have been standing safely and successfully for many years. The risk assessment which Dr Frosdick carried out and on which he consulted a representative group of fans, established that the form of standing area proposed, is actually much safer that having supporters stand in what is designed to be a seated area.

Standing is a choice, and there are those who will chose not to stand. If their seats happen to be in the part of the stadium which is to be given over to standing they will have to be re-located. We have been assured that this will be done sensitively and after consultation so although there will be some who will be inconvenienced the match day experience for all should be enhanced by a large section of the crowd standing and enthusiastically supporting the Hoops.


The Celtic Trust seeks to be a voice for Celtic supporters and to propose and pursue issues of importance to the support.  We are always pleased when we find common cause with the Club as on this occasion, and we look forward to watching our team play in the first stadium in Britain, to re-introduce an area where supporters can stand safely and cheer on the Bhoys.


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