FAC response to Minister's false claim

Published on Friday 26th June, 2015 by

Dear Mr Wheelhouse

In your statement to the Chamber last Tuesday afternoon (16/6/15) you inferred that Fans Against Criminalisation supported your plan to introduce a Diversion from Prosecution scheme.  You then, in answer to a direct question from Michael McMahon (whom I have copied in here), replied that we had indicated support for this scheme in our meeting with you on 4th June. I would remind you that the only thing we indicated support for in our meeting was the abolition of the Offensive Behaviour Act. 

At no time did we indicate support for this scheme, indeed it was not specifically mentioned.  You asked if we would be able to assist you in finding ways to divert young people from the actions which have resulted in some being criminalised and I answered, 'If you are asking us to tell young people not to do things which we don't think should be criminal to begin with I can tell you that we will not be doing that'.  How that can then be interpreted as us supporting this project is a matter of some bewilderment for us.

We would appreciate it if you would, in as public a manner as you made the comment, issue a correction and confirm that your Diversion from Prosecution scheme does not have our support. For the avoidance of doubt our view is that the best way to prevent the criminalisation of young football fans is to abolish this heinous piece of legislation and to direct the attention of the Police Service of Scotland to the detection and prosecution of real criminals and the enforcement of laws for which there is a consensus.

Yours sincerely

Jeanette Findlay



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