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Published on Thursday 9th July, 2015 by Celtic Trust

The issue that will not die!

The Board giveth and the Board taketh


  • At the AGM of November 2014 the Chairman of Celtic Plc misled shareholders on the issue of the Living Wage
  • Although every employee who had previously been paid below the current Living Wage rate of £7.85 per hour will now be paid this rate from 1st July 2015, from that date these workers will lose their entitlement to the Club’s bonus scheme.
  • Thus the lowest paid employees of Celtic will not be included in the Club’s bonus scheme but we understand this scheme will continue for management and directors.
  • Celtic is NOT an accredited Living Wage employer so are under no obligation to ensure that these employees continue to be paid the Scottish Living Wage
  • The fight for Celtic FC to become an accredited Living Wage employer goes on. The Celtic Trust will continue to lead that fight and we ask you the Celtic Support to keep giving the campaign the great effort and encouragement you have shown till now.

 If you are interested in finding out more read on

 In response to a very successful campaign by the Celtic Trust and in the face of a 10,000 signature petition from the Celtic support the Chairman of the Celtic Board announced at the 2014 PLC AGM that the club would consult with full time employees currently paid less the Living Wage rate of £7.85 per hour. 

In no way did this “rabbit” from the Chair’s hat come anyway close to meeting the demand, for Celtic FC to become an accredited Living Wage employer as set out in the Trust resolution for the second year running. 

However we accepted it as a first faltering step towards a Living Wage for some of our employees and we expected the club to act swiftly and implement their promise. We made it clear that for our part we would continue to monitor the situation

We have done so and raised the matter every time we have met Celtic officials and also regularly in writing to them.

Finally on 19th June we received from the Head of Human Resources at Celtic a written confirmation of the club’s decision to pay a minimum rate of £7.85 per hour to all permanent employees from 1st July 2015.

 However in the same paragraph the statement is made that the staff whose pay will rise to the dizzy heights of £7.85 per hour will at the same time no longer be eligible to participate in a bonus scheme currently open to them!

In the club’s view the new enhanced rate is considerably more beneficial to these employees as opposed to a discretionary bonus scheme.

This may be so but it looks like penny pinching of the worst kind.

 Forced by pressure from the Trust and the support to agree the rate, which the club can well afford, a decision is made to exclude this group of our lowest paid employees from a bonus scheme which is entirely at Celtic’s discretion as to who is paid anything under the scheme.

Of course there is nothing contractually to prevent the club taking this course of action but it will leave an extremely bad taste in the mouth of the supporters who have backed the claim for the Living Wage in such numbers and with such enthusiasm. We could be forgiven for thinking that the eight months since the AGM in November 2014 have been spent not so much in consultation with affected staff but rather in trying desperately to find ways to do the absolute minimum and even to claw back as much as possible from a group of our low paid workers. In fact Celtic is on record as saying as much in their reply to us

“As you will appreciate, the Living Wage is currently £7.85 per hour.  It is not, and in our discussions with the Poverty Alliance they have confirmed that it is not, £7.85 plus bonus or other benefits”

The writer goes on to claim that this fulfils the commitment made by the board at the AGM. It seems to us that they have only done the absolute minimum of what they undertook to do and have completely ignored the strong feelings on the subject expressed by speaker after speaker during the AGM and enthusiastically endorsed from the floor.

Finally we are told that the Celtic workforce “is happy and engaged,” maybe they are but it sounds like management telling us not to interfere and stir up the staff with thoughts of improved wages and conditions. 

This issue is not going away and the Trust intends to pursue it in a further resolution to the next Celtic AGM, the text of which will be published in the near future. We ask for the continued support of Celtic fans in this campaign and if you are a shareholder you can do this by endorsing the resolution and voting in favour at the AGM.

 Watch this space.


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