The beginning of the end for the OB Act

Published on Wednesday 3rd August, 2016 by Celtic Trust

Consultation on Bill to Repeal the Act

The Celtic Trust, as a founding member of the Fans Against Criminalisation campaign, would like to encourage all supporters of Celtic and of other clubs to take part in the public consultation which was launched on Monday on the proposal by James Kelly MSP to bring forward a bill to repeal the Offensive Behaviour Act.

This consultation is the first step in the process of repeal. There is now a majority of MSPs in Holyrood who are opposed to this Act but we should not be complacent.There are a number of hurdles to pass before FAC can achieve an historic and much-deserved victory over the Scottish Government with the repeal of this ill-conceived, badly-drafted and disasterously-implemented legislation.

James Kelly has set up a website for the consultation scrap the act or you can access the survey directly from the Scottish Parliament website Scottish Parliament link or you can go directly to the survey here public consultation.

We have fought this anti-democratic and anti-football legislation for nearly 5 years now (ie before it was even enacted) and we are now within sniffing distance of acheiving our aim.It is vitally important that each and every one of us responds fully to the survey.You can simply answer yes or no answers but there is room for you to say a bit more about why you oppose the Act and it would be better if you set aside time to do that.We are assured that 20-25 minutes should be sufficient.It is not much when you think of the time which many of our fellow supporters have had to spend in court and travelling up and down the country charged with actions which should never have been criminal in the first place.

Please respond to the survey and encourage all of your friends, families and members of your supporters' clubs to do the same.#Scrap the Act!


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