Open Meeting: notes and actions

Published on Wednesday 26th October, 2016 by Celtic Trust

The Open Meeting which was held in St Roch's Chapel Hall on Monday night was attended by around 100-130 people from across a range of supporter types ie independent travellers, unaffiliated buses and representatives of a number of Celtic supporters' organisations.

The meeting was primarily arranged to discuss proposed changes to away ticket arrangements but other matters came up as the meeting progressed.

A number of factual matters were confirmed by the Chair and by the Celtic FC SLO who was in attendance. These were that no decision has been made on any changes but that changes were under consideration; there has been a change to the SPFL/SFA Code of Conduct this season which requires clubs to take steps to identify supporters who breach the rules and to take action against them; no fines have been issued to Celtic in relation to away games this season by any body.

There was a good debate with a large number of contributions. During the debate a number of speakers raised issues regarding the Ticket Office and a strong degree is dissatisfaction was expressed. Following the debate, it was agreed that the Trust would seek clarification on a number of issues and would also express the view of the meeting to Celtic FC on a number of matters. These are as follows:

Matters for Clarification:

  • What is the precise detail of the proposals being discussed?
  • What is the motivation behind any change?
  • What consultation will take place with the supporters prior to a decision being made?
  • Why are there different criteria for European tickets for independents as opposed to those travelling on transport organised by Celtic FC?
  • On what basis do match delegates make decisions to give unsatisfactory ratings to Celtic for the behaviour of away support ie what guidelines are used?

Views of the meeting:

  • It was the unanimous view of the meeting that the current system is fair. There are opportunities for new travellers to obtain tickets for less popular games and thereby build up over time their chances of obtaining tickets for more popular games.
  • It was strongly expressed during the meeting that there are significant problems with the Ticket Office in a number of respects including:
  • Communications: failing to answer calls; failing to return calls; admitting they don't respond to voicemails
  • Ticketing arrangements: making unannounced and unexplained changes to long-standing ticketing arrangements and thereby causing maximum inconvenience
  • Generally; poor customer service and making life more difficult for individuals and those running supporters' buses.

A pre-arranged meeting has already been held and we now have some information:

The precise details of the proposals and the consultation with supporters will take place via the Fans Forum - proposed by the Celtic Trust - if it is agreed at the Celtic PLC AGM. We expect it to be agreed given it has the support of the PLC Board. This means that nothing will happen before February 2017.

In terms of all other matter we expect to receive written clarification in due course and we will either arrange a further Open Meeting if it seems necessary or post the information on our website.


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