Celtic Trust statement re Supreme Court ruling

Published on Saturday 8th July, 2017 by Celtic Trust

We note the recent decision of the Supreme Court which confirmed the long-held belief that over many years Rangers Football Club operated with an unfair and illegal advantage over other Clubs and in so doing gained many honours.

We consider the statement from the SFA, that it intends to take no action, to be unacceptable and unsustainable. We join with our own club, Celtic, and supporters of other Clubs who have already commented on this, in calling on the Football Authorities in Scotland to convene a full independent and transparent inquiry into this matter and to do so as a matter of urgency.

We at the Celtic Trust would also urge other clubs and their fans, who have not already done so, to indicate their support for a new enquiry in light of the recent court ruling.


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Legend says:
2017-07-08 23:21:29


nzbhoy says:
2017-07-08 22:13:42

Great statement from the Celtic trust, simple and to the point, always stick to the facts and you can never being be denied.
Just need other in the Scottish game to speak up and not be timid little mice.

Shuggie says:
2017-07-08 20:15:27

The fans of Scotland will ensure stolen trophies are stripped from Rangers,fan power sent them to the lowest division and will also prevail in this instance. The momentum amongst other clubs and fans is growing by the day.

JohnForte says:
2017-07-08 19:22:58

I commend you on your stance on this matter our day will come.


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