Sanctions on supporters in the Standing Section

Published on Tuesday 25th July, 2017 by Celtic Trust

The announcement by Celtic that 900 season ticket holders in the standing section will have their membership rights suspended for two home games and their right to attend the Sunderland and Partick Thistle and Rosenberg away games also having been removed, is one which we feel requires comment.

Whatever ones view on the wisdom or otherwise of the banners displayed by the Green Brigade at the Linfield game - a decision for which the group has taken full responsibility - the application of such excessive and poorly-targeted sanctions cannot be justified or defended. This sanction has been applied to children as well as to people who were not in attendance at that game -their ticket not having been activated. It has now been extended to incidents at other games which had not been previously raised as problematic. It has involved safety issues which were actually caused by the excessive and unwarranted police presence within the section that night. Such a scattergun approach by the PLC seems to have the purpose of dividing the support and causing tensions within that section rather than dealing sensibly and proportionately with the kind of difficulties which arise from time to time in any club.

As a Celtic supporters' organisation, we have the interests of the support as our primary aim, and division is not in any of our interests. As the first proposers of the standing section we also have an interest in defending this imaginative and much-admired initiative. As a fellow organisation to the Green Brigade, it is not our purpose to agree with every decision they make, and neither would they expect us to, but they are our comrades and will remain so, particularly when they are under attack.

We call on Celtic PLC to open discussions immediately with the supporters in that section, including representatives of the Green Brigade, in order to resolve this issue in a reasonable and proportionate manner.


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Cathal says:
2017-07-26 05:39:47

So we can't goad opposition fans anymore?
Opposition fans who attacked our players, who threw a bottle and coins at our player, who for 2 games sang their songs of hate at our club.
Player booked for being "attacked" from the stands.

Why did our so called board stay silent re the above?
Why not stand up for the players, club and supporters?

Why bring the Hearts game up now, why not at the time?
Did it suit their agenda?

Then the GB produce 2 flags and are hit with this ban?
Celtic PLC sicken me, have done for years.

And must say I was a little disappointed in Brendan's take on the GB - think it would have been better to stay silent, and leave it to our illustrious PR dept.

Lisbon Lions Upper says:
2017-07-25 22:26:07

If the individuals responsible do not stand up and admit it was them, can you please suggest what is the club to do? And I wish the Trust had not sat on the fence re the banners - the Trust should have a clear position instead of hand wringing.

Andy says:
2017-07-25 21:20:32

They haven't taken full responsibility as it not their responsibility to take. It is celtic FC's only - the club are responsible - end of. They chose to cover the fine for the Palestinian display but to my knowledge have left the club to cover both the financial and increasing risk of more severe sanctions in full.

If you mean they took responsibility for the flares and banners by saying - aye it was us - big deal ! How does that help? The bottom line is that we will be hammered every time they do it and they have already stated they will "not dilute their politics" (sic) so what do you suggest the club do?

I get the blanket ban being unfair on lots of individuals and I have no idea how that can be resolved. UEFA do not care if someone owns up it is the club that are responsible and it is Celtic and the rest of the support who will ultimately suffer for the political beliefs of a tiny minority of perhaps many more who share these beliefs but are aware that Celtic park is not the place is not the forum to display them.

I have always been a supporter of the green brigade and love the majority of their displays/support. If they state they have no intentions of stopping bringing the club into conflict with UEFA it is hard to see an alternative here. On this issue they are wrong and Celtic have to act.


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