Resolutions for Celtic PLC AGM 2017

Published on Saturday 9th September, 2017 by Celtic Trust

Solidarity with supporters with additional needs

It is that time of year again - or indeed a bit later than that time of year - and once again we are asking for your help in getting a Resolution on to the agenda for the AGM of Celtic Plc which will take place later this year.

Our Resolution this year is an attempt to have the Club look at how it can improve facilities for those amongst the support who have disabilities or additional support needs and the case for this is fully explained in the supporting statement to the Resolution.

We hope to propose this with the full cooperation and support of the Celtic Disabled Supporters Association (CDSA) who have been in discussion with the Club on these issues but have had limited success so far. We are confident that just because we are Celtic supporters all shareholders will want to support this particular Resolution. Any person who holds shares is eligible to sign.

We have been grateful for the support we have received in previous years and we do hope that it will be given once again. You can access the resolution requisition form here, print if off and email us for details of how to return it or, if you prefer, you can scan or photograph the form and return it as an email. Actual Electronic signatures are not acceptable so the form has to be manually signed.

Remember also that the address on the form must be the one at which the shares are registered so if you have moved house and are not sure, put both addresses. Even if you have informed Celtic FC of any change of address this will not have been logged with Computershare the firm which handles shareholding matters for Celtic. They need to be informed directly.

Could I also ask that you return the form as soon as possible? For a number of reasons, we are very late this year in getting these out to you so we would further appreciate your prompt response.

Finally, can we ask that you cast your vote in support of the Resolution. The papers you will receive from Computershare will give you the option of doing this directly or by proxy through The Celtic Trust so you can choose the method you prefer.

Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to receiving your signed form.

Best wishes and Hail Hail


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