Urgent Message re Resolution Forms

Published on Saturday 16th September, 2017 by Celtic Trust

PO Box suspended

Those of you who have supported Celtic Trust resolutions in the past will have been posted a resolution requisition form recently and given a PO Box to return the signed form to. The Post Office have closed our box due to an administrative error on our part therefore anything sent to that address will be returned to sender if possible.

If you have not already posted your form please wait till a second letter arrives which will give you a new address to post the signed form to. Alternatively, you can scan the form and send it by email to theceltictrust@gmail.com.

If you have already signed the form can you please download a new one and sign it again and follow the steps above.

We are very sorry for the confusion but we were unaware the box had been closed until after the letters went out.

Please support our resolution which is calling on the club to make proper provision for our fellow supporters who have mobility or other health issues.

Hail Hail


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