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Published on Saturday 4th November, 2017 by Celtic Trust

The Scottish Women's Convention, is a Scottish Government-funded body which purports to represent the views of women on public policy matters have entered a submission to the justice committee on the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour Act. They oppose the repeal but think amendments should be made to the Act.

Link to submission:

Scottish Women's Convention submission to the Justice Committee

Their submission belittles us and misrepresents women. It is based on a set of quotes from women they say gave their views to them in some unspecified context. They give no detail of how many women advanced such views, their age range, whether they go to games or any other basic details. Claims of women being threatened with rape for wearing particular football tops is of particular concern.

We are taking them at their word that their aim is to represent the views of women and we are asking you to write to them at and give them your views on the Offensive Behaviour Act before they give evidence to the Justice Committee this Tuesday (7th November).

Please consider emailing this organisation this weekend so that they have time to read and reflect on your email on Monday. If they wish to represent women in Scotland then they need to hear the voices of those women who oppose the Offensive Behaviour Act because they actually know its impact.


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